tightens, tightening, tightened
1) V-ERG If you tighten your grip on something, or if your grip tightens, you hold the thing more firmly or securely.

[V n] Luke answered by tightening his grip on her shoulder...

[V prep] Her arms tightened about his neck in gratitude...

Stefano's grip tightened and his tone became colder.

2) V-ERG If you tighten a rope or chain, or if it tightens, it is stretched or pulled hard until it is straight.

[V n] The anchorman flung his whole weight back, tightening the rope...

The cables tightened and he was lifted gradually from the deck.

3) V-ERG If a government or organization tightens its grip on a group of people or an activity, or if its grip tightens, it begins to have more control over it.

[V n] He knows he has considerable support for his plans to tighten his grip on the machinery of central government...

As the regime's grip on the mainland tightened over the next few years, hundreds of thousands more people fled south.

4) VERB When you tighten a screw, nut, or other device, you turn it or move it so that it is more firmly in place or holds something more firmly.

[V n] I used my thumbnail to tighten the screw on my lamp...

[V n] All the bolts were fully tightened.

Tighten up means the same as tighten.

Also V n P V P n (not pron) It's important to tighten up the wheels properly, otherwise they vibrate loose and fall off.

5) VERB If a part of your body tightens, the muscles in it become tense and stiff, for example because you are angry or afraid.

Sofia's throat had tightened and she couldn't speak...

She saw his jaw tighten and his face lose its colour.

Derived words:
tightening N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

...a headache caused by tension which results in tightening of the muscles in the neck.

...a slight tightening of the throat.

6) VERB If someone in authority tightens a rule, a policy, or a system, they make it stricter or more efficient.

[V n] The United States plans to tighten the economic sanctions currently in place...

[V n] They have tightened security along the border...

[V n] Take-off and landing procedures have been tightened after two jets narrowly escaped disaster.

Derived words:
tightening N-UNCOUNT oft N of n

...the tightening of state control over press and broadcasting.

Tighten up means the same as tighten.

V P n (not pron) Until this week, every attempt to tighten up the law had failed... Also V n P V P on n He accused ministers of breaking election pledges to tighten up on immigration.

7) to tighten your beltsee belt
to tighten the screwsee screw
Phrasal Verbs:

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